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Xplor Ventures is a Corporate Venture Capital of PTTEP, Southeast Asia's leading energy conglomerate with an operation over 15 countries with key focus in Southeast Asia and Middle East. 


Founded in 2022, we invest and curate partnerships with global advanced technologies to drive growth and success for achieving EP NET ZERO 2050. 




As part of PTTEP's DNA operating in energy business, Xplor Ventures has a mission to seek for new form of energy which may disrupt the industry. The goal is not only to sustain the company business but also to provide reliable and affordable energy for humanity.



It is always our passion to save the world by CO2 capture and utilization technology. We are looking for investment in emerging technology which could enable us to sequestrate CO2 in our energy operations and also across our group of companies who also looking for the technology to reduce their carbon footprint.  

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E&P Deep Technologies

In connection with the company's commitment to sustainability goal, we have been working diligently within our R&D division to increase efficiency, boost productivity, and adopt an eco-friendly approach. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with startups on technology development, testing their innovations and marketing across our group of companies. If the technology aligns with our goals, startups may also have access to funding with the potential for investment opportunity.


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